Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cards, Cards, Cards, and More Cards

I have been really busy making cards. I have made a couple of dozen of graduation cards, several Mother's Day Cards and several other kinds. Unfortunately I sold most of them before I snapped any pics. I took them to work and people snapped them (Yippee skippee-more money for stamps and papers). I love stamping and coloring and finally I am getting brave enough to use my supplies that I usually hoard. It is finally ok for me to use the last piece of that paper or use that embellishment as I know there will be more coming out. I have always thought if I made that perfect card and used up all that great paper or embellishments-what if I can't find anything else like and my card will not be perfect. I have learned finally that no card is perfect and everyone likes different things. So yeah I am off to good start. I was going to the local farmer's market today to sell the rest of my graduation cards and Mother's Day Cards but it was rainy. So after vacation look for me regularly at the Sylva Farmers Market on Sat from 8-12. I hope to have cards and coasters etc for sell each week there. So here are a few cards. See what ya think......


  1. What a lovely selection of Cards Paula, sure to sell well at any craft event. Well done .

  2. Thanks Joan, sure has been fun making cards! I certainly appreciate all of your inspiration and beautiful work!